Lindsay Lohan Took the Plea Deal

Showing up 48 minutes late to her trial after missing two flights from NYC to LA, Lindsay Lohan, despite adamantly refusing any plea deal, took a plea deal in court this morning.

While she won’t be going to jail, she’ll spend 90 days in rehab with no sort of day passes. Her rehab career will now be longer than her film career. Lindsay will also need to perform 30 days of community labor and undergo psychotherapy for 18 months.

Even though there’s a mandatory 5 day in jail for reckless driving, she won’t be serving it because it’s been included in her rehab. Lindsay will be able to do rehab in NYC but  must submit to drug testing.

Lindsay also admitted to violating her probation. For that, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail but once again, she won’t have to serve it if she continues to obey all laws.

So what did Lindsay learn today? Absolutely nothing except that she can get away with practically anything and the worst that will happen is a 3 month vacation at a fancy rehab. Mark my words, 90 days from now it’s going to be a new Lindsay!

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