Nicki Minaj Suffers the Double Nip Slip

Like a unicorn or Lindsay Lohan’s dignity, the double nip slip is a rare, almost unheard of event. With the way clothes are, not very often do both boobs pop out of an outfit but that’s what happened while Nicki Minaj filmed her video for High School featuring Lil Wayne.

In behind the scenes footage from the Grizz Lee Arts production company, Nicki splashes around in a hot tub while her boobs just flop around for the whole world to see. It’s kind of weird that no one mentions her deformity. You’d expect people to act more surprised when they see nipples shaped like clip art stars.

Anyway, Nicki doesn’t care. This was the fourth nip slip for Minaj. The previous three were during a performance on Good Morning America, during an appearance on BET’s 106 & Park and during the video with Cassie.

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Righty Oh
Righty Oh
8 years ago

How come da’ video don’t work???

Righty Oh
Righty Oh
8 years ago
Reply to  Righty Oh

Oh, now it works but somebody put ‘stars’ over the boobs…wtf?

Herman Bumfudle
8 years ago

hello beautiful.

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