Rihanna Showed Up 4 Hours Late to High School Charity Event

Last Friday, Rihanna was supposed to show up at Barrington High School which won a contest she sponsored that invited schools to produce videos set to Diamonds that highlighted their charitable work.

She was scheduled to show up at 1 pm on Thursday but that was pushed back to 2 pm but by 5 pm, she still hadn’t arrived. The crowd was growing uneasy with a lot of the students calling Rihanna “rude” or “pathetic” for making them wait. At 4:22 pm, Rihanna tweeted a picture from her car and wrote, “This Chicago traffic is not working.” Apparently she wants people to think she spent four hours in traffic.

When she finally did show up, she spent 16 minutes taking pictures and left. Granted, the crowd was pretty forgiving because OMG A CELEBRITY! I’m pretty sure she could have showed up at 8 pm at night, waved from her car and sped off and all those kids still would have cheered. Kids are dumb.

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