Rihanna Walked Around Her House in Just Boots and Panties

Rihanna posted the above picture to Instagram writing, “Gotcha bitch tip toeing on my marble flo’!!! Sick ass custom Prada boots! Miuccia you RULE!!! Thank you.”

Rihanna may not be a model in the classical sense but she knows how to promote a pair of boots. Step 1: Strip down to underwear. Step 2: Wear boots. Step 3: Post picture to Instagram.

I have a few questions though. Who took the picture? Was it Chris Brown or her assistant? Does someone get paid just to take pictures of her walking around her fancy house half-naked in a pair of boots? Is there an opening available? Who do I send my resume to?

  • Nate

    Dem’s some meaty thighs on her there.

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