Security Increased After Fans Take Nude Pics of Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is famous for playing Khalessi in Game of Thrones. Her arch in the first season was just her standing around naked and having sex. At least that’s what my selective memory tells me.

Apparently fans of hers couldn’t get enough bewbs or didn’t have the sense to buy the blu-ray. When they heard she was playing Holly Golightly in a Broadway production of Breakfast At Tiffany’s and that she was going to be fully naked in it, they bought all the tickets. The play opened on Monday at the Cort Theatre to a packed house.

While Cort Theatre has a strict “no photos” policy, fans still whipped out their cell phones to take pictures of the nude scene between Emilia and Cory Michael Smith. A source tells the New York Post, “She undresses him and he gets in the tub. She then goes offstage and comes back in a towel. She takes it off and gets in with him. So you don’t see everything. There are bubbles strategically placed. If you’re sitting in the balcony you can see a lot more.”

Now theatre managers have bumped up security so you’re going to have to be more discreet about taking pictures during the play. That means no more shouting, “Hey, Emilia, turn around! Over here! Boooobs!,” after she undresses.

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11 years ago

her character’s name is daenerys targaryen, also known as daenerys stormborn. “khaleesi” means queen in dothraki, as she is the dothraki queen, but that is not her name.

sorry, i just felt a need to clarify.

11 years ago

just saying “the” khaleesi would suffice.