Sofia Vergara Is Freezing Her Eggs Too

While Jennifer Love Hewitt is considering freezing her eggs, Sofia Vergara is actually doing it. Talking to Vogue for their April Shape Issue, Vergara says she has to be careful what she eats because “they’re freezing my eggs!,” and that she has to take a lot of peels. Oh, wait… pills.

But to return to freezing these eggs: She tells me it is a process she is starting around now and that “you have to put first some peels, and then after——” What kind of peels, pray? “Hormone pills,” she says, “and then after that it is hormone injections.” Aww, does she have to have all those hormones tucked into her? She says yes; at her age, “they want to get as many eggs as they can because usually you produce them but they’re not good. They have to be perfect, perfect, perfect ones. My boyfriend is 37, younger than me, never had kids. So.”

Sofia also proves she’s the coolest mom ever. During the interview, she whipped out a picture of her 21-year-old son Manolo Gonzalez saying she named him after one of the characters in Scarface.

“I looooved that movie, and I was in looove with Steven Bauer,” she says (Al Pacino played Tony Montana, and Steven Bauer played Manolo—“Manny”—his sidekick and betrayer), assuring me that he was then very handsome and “superhot.” So she asked her husband, Could they name the baby Manolo? “And he was like, OK. And then my son, when he grew up, he was like, Oh yeah, Mom, how amazing you named me after a drug-dealer junkie!” She laughs so hard she forgets to eat. “And I was like, shut up, Manolo!”

That’s right. Shut up, Manolo. Your name came from f*cking Scarface. Other parents named their kids after a fruit or a rainbow. You’re one of the lucky ones. True, nowadays people would probably ask if he was named after Manolo Blahniks but just wait until he explains it was after a backstabbing drug-dealer junkie. They’ll be plenty impressed then.

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