‘The Wolverine’ Has a Trailer Teaser

I wasn’t sure studios could milk a summer blockbuster more than they already do with their teasers for trailers but I guess that’s why I’m not a big shot movie producer. As you probably saw, yesterday Fox released a six second clip of The Wolverine on Vine. Apparently that was supposed to be a teaser for the trailer teaser. Fox exec Tony Sella calls it a tweaser. Um… Does anyone have a shovel? I need to hit someone in the face with one.

So here’s the teaser that the tweaser was, er, tweasing?

My god. This isn’t even the real trailer? What the hell is happening? Can you stop d*cking me around and just show me 60 seconds from the god damn movie? And what’s with that US poster they released. Just because ninjas are cool doesn’t mean photoshopping a bunch of them around Wolverine is going to look cool. I mean, I’m happy your 12-year-old finally figured out how to use photoshop, but that doesn’t mean he can replace your entire design team.

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Herman Bumfudle
9 years ago

love conquers all #fu*k

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