They Did a Background Check on Britney Spears’ Boyfriend

Britney Spears is currently dating David Lucado. We don’t know much about David, but Britney’s dad, Jamie, does. Apparently one of the prerequisites to dating Britney is signing a confidentiality agreement and submitting to a background check.

“Jamie has known David (Lucado) for awhile, and always thought he was a thoughtful, and an all-around good guy,” the source told Radar. “Britney needed someone to keep her company after she and Jason (Trawick) broke up.

“It had to be a male, because Britney just doesn’t respond as well to females. And remember, she is still under a conservatorship.

“Before David started spending time with Brit, he had to undergo a background check, and sign a confidentiality agreement, all arranged by Papa Spears. Jamie makes sure if things go south between Jamie and Britney, details about her life wouldn’t be made public.

Don’t we already know all about Britney’s personal life? There’s not much left to leak. Except for what she does with the homeless people she abducts from Skid Row every week.

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