Why I’d Hate to be Asian (Totally Not Racist) by Samuel H.

Notre Dame Indiana University student Samuel H. made a video on Facebook titled “Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist),” though it totally might be. May I begin. Ahem, “Why I’d Hate to be Asian by Samuel H.,” this is totally not racist.

Update: Twitter.

  • john Hryniuk

    He will be expelled

  • UCLAMike

    Ever notice how people who make racist comments or sexist/misogynistic comments always say “it’s just a joke”? Like Tina Fey trying to sloot shame Taylor Swift at the Golden Globe awards – she claims it was all just “a joke”.

    The truth is sloot shaming females is extremely sexist and the equivalent of being a racist. Tina seems bitter and jealous that she didn’t date good looking guys when she was young, she had a difficult time finally losing her virginity in her mid 20s because guys weren’t interested in her and she ended up settling down with a very short (5’4), chubby, gray haired loser who is now her husband.

    All these racist and sexist “jokes” say more about the person hurling the insults than about the victim.

  • Bigb101

    Your an idiot!!!! Lol… Go to the gym white boy!!!!!! You look like a girl!!!!! I would much rather look asian!!!!!!!

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