Ashton Kutcher Got Into a Shoving Match at Stagecoach

Over the weekend, Ashton Kutcher got into a shoving match with a security guard at Stagecoach, country music’s answer to Coachella.

Kutcher was in the VIP area near the stage watching Nick 13 and Dwight Yoakam when a girl came up to him to say hi and shake his hand. Ashton tried to greet her but security wasn’t having any of it and ended up shoving both of them.

As fights between two prissy dudes who are too scared to really fight often go, sources tell TMZ it then became a violent shoving match. Luckily the fight was broken up before the two of them started slapping the air like they were playing an intense game of pattycake.

Witnesses say Ashton wasn’t the aggressor and that the security guard was being an asshole. Amazingly, this may be the first time that Ashton wasn’t the douchebag in a story.

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