Dentist Unnecessarily Pulls Out All of 21-Year-Old’s Teeth

Cristopher Crist, who is reported to be autistic, is suing Amazing Family Dental for pulling out all 32 of his teeth when all he went in for was to have 3 teeth pulled. The Indiana man says, “I am going to look like a freak now. Honest to God.” Fox uncovered more victims of Amazing Family Dental who pulled more teeth than they should have. Now the only question that remains is how many teeth necklaces does this dentist need?

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Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
8 years ago

What ever you do don’t let the Indiana Extractor run for political office. He might pass a law that saids all people who live in Indiana will have to have all their teeth pulled. It will be known as the toothless state. I thought only hillbillies did this kind of thing.

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