Edward Norton Put a Photog in the Hospital

In probably one of the few stories where you side with Edward Norton despite him being sort of a jackass, Norton put an aggressive-sounding “photog” in the hospital. Photog is in quotes because the guy taking pictures just sounds like a crazy dude trying to be legit media.

According to reports, Norton was walking in Midtown last week when a guy named Alain Becerra-Calderon — he runs a YouTube channel — started following him with a cellphone camera. He put on his reporter face and asked, “I got a quick question: ‘People say you look like me. Is that true?'” Alain kept sticking the phone in Norton’s face until Norton snapped, asking, “Why are you stalking me?” Then he shoved the camera away.

Becerra-Calderon ran to the cops like a four-year-old runs to his mommy complaining that big, bad Edward Norton attacked him. He then went to Beth Israel Hospital where the doctor said he had a “tissue contusion” on his middle finger. Ruh roh. A bruise. The inhumanity!

The doctor told cops that Becerra-Calderon insisted on getting a splint because of the pain. Now the cops are investigating Norton for harassment.

Asked for comment, Alain said Norton “needs to learn to control his temper” and “I asked if I could ask a question and he grabbed my phone.” He added that he had a bruised finger and that “the hospital even had to put a bandage on it.” Amazing. 10/10. Would troll again.

The thousand dollar lawsuit question, however, is whether or not he’s exploring legal action. “I’m discussing that with my attorney,” he replied.

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