Emilia McCarthy of ‘Hemlock Grove’ Talks Netflix, Canada and Werewolves

Hemlock Grove is Netflix’s second original series premiering April 19. It’s produced by Eli Roth and stars everyone from Famke Janssen, Penelope Mitchell to, of course, Emilia McCarthy, who plays Alyssa Sworn in the series. Here’s the red band trailer in case you missed it.

Emilia, a Canadian, takes some time to talk to us about her life, how she got onto the new series and everything in between. She also betrays her own country by picking carne asada fries over poutine. For shame.

Do you like scary movies?

I do! I love a good scary movie at a sleepover that makes everyone jump!

What’s your favorite scary movie? You have to have a favorite? (Sorry, I’ve always wanted to put in a Scream reference)

I love The Blair Witch Project because of its realistic aspect to it, which is really important in a horror movie or else it’s not believable and ruins the whole purpose of a horror movie. I recently, also loved Cabin in the Woods for its comic relief aspect. I thought it was super creative and brought uniqueness to it, which Hemlock Grove also does with mine and my twin’s character.

Is Hemlock Grove more along the lines of Supernatural or is it more graphic like True Blood?

Hemlock Grove is definitely graphic and out there. I’ve actually heard it described as Harry Potter meets 50 Shades of Grey. But honestly, it’s nothing like anything else in its genre. Hemlock Grove is unique and a new take on something we’ve seen a lot of in other shows.

How did you end up cast as Alyssa Sworn in the show?

I was called to audition in Toronto for Eli Roth, the director. After that, I was called in for a chemistry test to find my fraternal twin!

What was the experience like?

It was an amazing experience! It was my first time doing anything in this genre and it was so fun! I definitely would love to continue doing productions of this type!

We have werewolves, vampires, warlocks, etc. What’s your favorite out of all the supernatural beings? Why?

I’m going to have to say werewolves; got to stick to the Hemlock Grove roots. Plus, who doesn’t like a hunky guy who turns into a wolf??

Do you have a Netflix subscription?

Of course I do! Everyone better have one by Friday! ;)

Have you watched House of Cards? What did you think?

I have! Kevin Spacey is incredible! He brings such a unique vibe to the show. He reminds me so much of my high school drama teacher; it’s like watching him act on my computer screen; it’s weird, in a good way.

There seems to be more actors coming from Canada these days. Why? Is there something in the water over there?

That’s simple; Canadians are the bomb. We’re just too nice.

Are you planning on acting full time or are you going to go to university? What do you want to study?

I do plan on going to university. Obviously, looking into studying performance acting or film studies. I’m thinking Ryerson University in Toronto or NYU. It has to be in a big city; I like to party.

Cooler job: Actor or professional hot dog eater?

HOT DOG EATER. Obviously.

Better late night snack. Poutine or carne asada fries (french fries, carne asada, guacamole, sour cream and cheese dish)?

I’m going to go with the carne asada fries; get in touch my Latina side.

Five words or less: Why should we watch Hemlock Grove?

Emilia McCarthy is in it.

What’s next for Emilia McCarthy?

I’m hoping to continue with this crazy and amazing career! I have a YTV web-series coming out called Unlikely Heroes and another web-series, that’s still in pre-production called Kid’s Town. They’re both quite different than Hemlock Grove; they’re more of light, fun, family type shows. I’m also very excited about those!

If you want to keep in touch with Emilia, you can follow her on Twitter.

[Image by S. Markus Mathurin]

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