Farrah Abraham Sells Sex Tape for Almost $1M

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham famously made a sex tape with James Deen and then tried to claim it was for “personal” use. She then went off on Deen for leaking the news and called his penis small. Obviously all that was a poorly orchestrated cover because she was already shopping the tape to a bunch of distributors to capitalize on her middling celebrity. Now one distributor has bit.

Vivid and Farrah have signed a contract worth nearly $1 million. The amount is a less than she had hoped for which was $DELUSIONAL or, in American currency, “a couple million.”

Sources tell Us that the sex tape was made to try and revive her career after the September 2012 finale of Teen Mom didn’t get her a new reality show. She even tried to recruit a boyfriend for Couples Therapy but no one hated themselves enough to agree to it.

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