Halle Berry Is 3 Months Pregnant

A report by TMZ says Halle Berry is 3 months pregnant. She’s 46. Granted, she looks like she’s still 30 so maybe her body can handle this easily.

TMZ speculates that based on pics and other facts, Halle may be even further along. Not only that, she and Olivier Martinez already know it’s a boy. This may be why she went off on the paparazzi early this week.

And just like that, PEOPLE have confirmed the news. A rep for Halle said, “I can confirm that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are expecting a child.”

A source says, “She truly seems beyond happy. She always talks about being a mom and she definitely wanted this for a long time.”

You mean another pregnancy, right? Because she’s already a mom to Nahla. Nahla is going to be so pissed when she reads this.

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