Here’s Video of Reese Witherspoon Being Arrested

Last Friday while her husband Jim Toth was being arrested, Reese Witherspoon uttered the all important question to cops: Do you know my name?! There’s nothing that encapsulates celebrity entitlement more than those 5 words. Those 5 words also managed to break down her carefully crafted good girl image.

Now she’s decided to lay low. Reese was set to promote Mud but has now canceled all interviews in New York. It’s the old “if you ignore it, maybe it’ll go away” trick. Hey, it works with unplanned pregnancies, why not with this?

In the meantime, Fox5 showed footage of the arrest. It’s really blurry and hard to see and there’s no sound so you can’t hear her high-pitched voice squeak impotent rage at the cops. The video is basically one gigantic tease.

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