Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren Got Into a Fight

Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren got into a fight at a club last week. This would have been bigger news had the timer on their fame not run out but Pressly still gets some work here and there as does Warren.

Anyway, it all went down at Bootsy Bellows at a birthday party last Friday. Pressly’s assistant’s purse with her phone in it had gone missing from a house party. Trying to track down her phone, Pressly and her assistant used a phone locator app to track the purse to Bootsy Bellows where Warren and other guests went to continue the party.

Jamie tried to get the phone back but Warren claimed it was hers despite the supposed fact everything in the purse belonged to the assistant. “She wasn’t aggressive, but she was forceful,” said an insider. Pressly kept insisting the phone was her assistant’s. Eventually, things got crazy and police were called.

That may not have been the best idea because drugs were allegedly found in the purse. Pressly and her assistant said the drugs weren’t theirs. Mm hm. How convenient. Everything inside the purse except for those drugs were the assistant’s. Heh heh. Nothing to see here, officer. I’ll just leave the drugs with you and be on my way.

For what it’s worth, both Warren and Pressly have been arrested for DUI before. Warren for hitting three parked cars in LA and then fleeing the scene. Pressly for just a routine DUI. Just wanted to let you know in case you were trying to decide who the drugs belonged to based on the messed up-ness of their DUI arrests.

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