Janet Jackson Quit Showbiz and Converted to Islam

Janet Jackson secretly wed her billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana last year and now she’s quit music and become a Muslim.

Says an insider, “She’s gone. She married a billionaire. They’ve got houses in three countries. She’s spending time in the Middle East. She’s become a Muslim.”

Some people may find this as odd, but remember, her brother created a place called Neverland where he invited little boys to come play and then to come join him in his bed and then to just come. On a Michael Jackson scale of one to weird, this is about a 3.

  • bec215

    This woman has worked her butt off for decades, and if she has found happiness then more power to her. If she were marrying a Hollywood mogul and converting to Judiaism, no one would blink an eye – it’s unfortunate that in the US today, converting to Islam is considered irrantional behavior. Islam is an Abrahamic religion, just like Judiasm and Christianity. Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet – but like Jews, do not believe he was the Messiah. I hope Janet is happy and healthy, and has found peace, no matter how far away from H’wood that is.

    • Can

      Muslims do believe Jesus was the Messiah. Muslims do not believe in the trinity. Janet’s brother Jermaine converted to Islam many years ago.

  • jenniferjustice

    I don’t care what she does with her life. It’s her life. But for the record, if Muslims do not beleive Jesus was the son of God then they are nothing like Christians and cannot be compared. Geesh!

  • Robert Cebb

    Janet Jackson is going through a phase in her life,
    she is lost after the death of her brother, several marriage breakdowns. Now
    she has found financial wealth with this new husband.

    I am a God Loving, God Fearful True Christian. I am from an Islamic Country and speak
    Araibic. I have read for over 20 years the Quran, Hadith (Biography of
    Muhammad) and
    of course the Bible and Torah. I have a very good understanding of the Quran
    and a detailed understanding of Bible I can go into complete detail to compare
    Islam and Christianity. But there is a well published Book called BLINDSIDED By
    Ph.D Michael Youssef. IT IS A MUST TO READ FOR ANY MULISM and Christian who
    wants to understand Islam. If you are Muslim I will assure you will question
    your own faith and religious after reading it. I have witnessed many Muslims converting
    to Christianity after we spent some time with them. There heart is touched by
    the Holy Sprit which was previous empty.

    It goes into detail
    outlining the founding of Islam, Muhammad try to
    build his religious towards the Jews and Christian, but didn’t understand them
    because he could not read the word of God. Did you know the Kaaba (Black Cube)
    in Mecca was prior to Muhammad worship by Pagans for their Idols? I can go into hundreds point how Islam’s is
    off track,

    I believe and worship and loving God
    connected via his holy spirit, in a living son, not a prophet who died.

    • Dikko Abubakar

      What you wrote, even to people of your faith, is so shallow, that it testify against you. You betrayed your ignorance of the two religions, that one wonders why you bother to write. For example, where is your “living son”? At no time in history did God reveal Himself as having a partner, or son or anybody else in His dominion. Through the mouths of hundreds of Prophets and Messengers, God reminded man of his error in interposing others between Him and themselves. He warned man of dare consequences if they do this. That was the situation when Jesus was alive. He was a Jew, lived all his live practicing the religion of Moses. He was bound by the Law. The “SON OF GOD” never became so, in any literal sense until after the Jews killed him. Again, man, looking for short-cut to salvation have interposed Jesus between God and himself. Again God had sent His final Messenger, with a final message; that your salvation is solely your responsibility, and so, relishing in the self-conceited belief that somebody died for your sins, that you would go scotch free, is a ruse. And reading the whole bible, from Genesis to Revelation, you will always come away with that understanding, except Paulian obfuscations about sin and judgment being a by-product of the Law. So get rid of the Law, and sin is forever banished. Only a self-conceited person, or a fraudulent person can claim to understand Paul, Vis-à-vis, what other writers claimed Jesus said when he was around. These claims were soundly denounced by God, in the Holy Qur’an. There was nothing Muhammad wanted from polytheist, ( Animists, Christians or Jews). He never needed to understand them, he was telling them their history, even more than they knew themselves. He was their teacher, correcting their claim on Abraham, telling them stories of Prophets in such details, they never doubted him in the list.
      So, man, you can be anything you want; its your life. But know that you are responsible for your sins; no original sin, so no vicarious atonement.
      In the eye of Jesus, children were to make heaven automatically, because they were sinless.

  • Dikko Abubakar

    Thanks. I was just going to controvert his claim that Muslims do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. We don’t believe in his divinity.

  • Dikko Abubakar

    Of course Muslims are nothing compared to Christians. Muslims are not polytheist, as Christians are; they are not fraudulent, as Christians are; they are not lewd, as Christians are; they don’t drink alcohol, don’t fornicate, don’t behave haughtily, are not arrogant, and don’t go about unwashed after using the toilet, as Christians do. They are worlds apart!

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