Jessica Simpson’s Mom Threatened Murder-Suicide

Tina Simpson, Jessica’s mom, was so distraught after finding out her husband Joe had a gay love affair with 21-year-old model Bryce Chandler Hill, that she penned a detailed suicide note threatening to shoot herself and her husband. Not necessarily in that order.

Clearly she didn’t decide to go through with it. The note may have been a way for her to vent. Instead, she decided to confront Joe at his New York hotel.

However, when Joe got back to their shared home in Encino, he found the note, made a copy and gave it to his divorce lawyer as a bargaining chip. Now an offer of a 50% split of everything under the Simpson name is on the table.

Not a paltry sum by any means. More than enough for Papa Joe to buy a sex house for his gay lovers. That’s a thing, right?

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