Justin Bieber Got a Selena Gomez Tattoo?

Today in Justin Bieber is retarded news comes reports that Justin may have gotten a Selena Gomez tattoo on his wrist. This in addition to a koi fish, an owl and a tiger he already inked.

You know how you had those stamps as a kid and thought it would be real cool to just stamp a bunch of weird junk on your arm only to have your parents show up and tell you to scrub it all off because you look like an idiot? That’s pretty much what’s happening here except this is permanent and there’s no amount of scrubbing that’ll get rid of this regret.

For the curious, the image seems to come from an Elle shoot from July 2012 that Selena did. Though I don’t know how anyone figured that out. The likeness is terrible. It looks like something someone would airbrush on a lowrider.

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