Justin Bieber Posted Then Deleted This Selena Gomez Photo

Justin Bieber posted the above photo to Instagram and then quickly deleted it sparking rumors that this little twerp and Selena Gomez may be getting back together.

Apparently, Selena flew to Norway on Friday to see Justin who was performing three shows in Oslo. An insider says, “Selena came to Norway to see Justin. She landed when he was onstage. They met up privately later. She was picked up by a car from Justin’s camp. It was a personal visit.”

The only reason I can think of for why Selena may be getting back with this glue sniffer is she feels sorry for him now that everyone’s turning on him. He’s like a little bird with a broken wing that she has to nurse back to health. Someone should tell her the only way to help him is to put him out of his misery. Preferably with a hammer to the head.

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