Karina Smirnoff Talks This Season of ‘DWTS’ and Partner Jacoby Jones

On this season of Dancing With the Stars, Karina Smirnoff is partnered with Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones. DWTS is already in its third week of performances. In the last episode, Wynona Judd and Tony Dovolani became the first team voted off. Here, Karina talks to us about her partner and the upcoming season.

Karina, you are partnered with Ravens WR Jacoby Jones this season. You are far enough into this season to know Jacoby’s strengths and weaknesses. What is his greatest strength that fans might not know? 

Jacoby has incredible discipline. Even if he doesn’t get the steps right away, he goes home and works on it and shows me what he achieved the next day. And together with his musicality and diverse personality, I’m very excited about what’s in store for us this season.

Which style of dance (that you haven’t done yet) do you think will compliment the two of you the most?

I can’t wait to do jive and samba with Jacoby. And I think he will excel in contemporary too.

You have now been involved with DWTS for years now. What about DWTS today makes you excited about continuing to make it a priority in your life?

Dancing has always been how I express myself, from my pain and sadness to my joy and passion; it is the way I can communicate an experience to others. It’s also cathartic in that it’s a release of energy, endorphins, and emotions. It is incredible to marry music and movement to create a story; the ability to create inspires me. So for me DWTS is an incredible opportunity to do what I love and have it witnessed by so many people. It’s also rewarding to take the celebrities through the journey of learning not only to dance but how to physically tell beautiful, fun, and entertaining stories. Dancing will always be an important part of my life.

If Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown & Justin Bieber were all signed up to be on the Celebrity Version of DWTS. Who would your first choice be for your partner and why? 

Wow, that’s a tough one! I actually got to dance with Usher on the show a few seasons back and he can MOVE. It would have to be between him and Justin Timberlake. Either way you look at it I would be “winning”!

Lastly, you have the best team supporting you. When you win the Mirror Ball this season, what are you going to do differently that you didn’t do last time you won?

Well that’s very sweet! I obviously appreciate your prediction, however, we have quite a ways to go in the competition. I do believe Jacoby is capable of winning and we all know he’s a champion but there is some stiff competition that we have to go up against. Regardless if we win the Mirror Ball or not, I am so grateful to have Jacoby as my partner. He epitomizes what it means to have a teammate and I will continue to celebrate our successes each step of the way!

Check out Karina every Tuesday on ABC. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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8 years ago

I luv Karina That’s my girl! As i stated before Karina is bout that life! I go hard for her! I hope she wins! Go CapitalK! You and JJ got this!

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