Kristin Cavallari Putting Her Acting Career on Hold

I have some terrible news for you guys. Kristin Cavallari, star of the 2009 classic Wild Cherry, is putting her acting career on hold. She says she’s turned down a couple projects that would have kept her in LA because her fiance Jay Cutler is in Chicago and the distance would have been too great. She laments to Coco Eco magazine, “The sacrifices we make for love…” Instead, she’s focusing on her shoe line with Chinese Laundry and her jewelry collection.

Her last acting appearance, which wasn’t as herself in a reality series, was a guest role in 2011 on the series The Middle. Clearly, demand for Cavallari, one of our preeminent actors, is at an all time high right now but she has to do what’s right for her family. This must be so hard for her.

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Righty O
Righty O
8 years ago

She had an acting career?

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