Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Understand April Fools’ Day

Lindsay Lohan has yet to grasp the concept of April Fools’ Day. You see, practical jokes and deliberate misdirection usually happen on April 1, otherwise known as April Fools’ Day. Any other day and you’re just being a jerk.

So when Lindsay tweeted, “Its official. Pregnant…,” on April 2, you could see why people would be confused.

Lindsay quickly took the tweet down and replaced it with, “April Fools. Where’s everyone’s sense of humor?”

Suffice to say, by 8:30 AM, Lindsay either still had no idea it was April 2nd or still didn’t know April Fools’ is on April 1. She’s like that kid in class who doesn’t quite understand the joke but thinks they do and the only thing people can think to say is, “Aw, isn’t she precious,” like she was half-retarded or something.

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