Nadia Dawn on Life, Love and the Future

You may recognize Nadia Dawn from various shoots but now she’s transitioning to producing, hosting, acting and everything else. Here she takes a moment to answer a few questions. Sure, she may have gotten some of the answers totally wrong (perfect guy, favorite after hours food) but I’m willing to give her pass on those.

How did you first get into modeling?

I started off doing bikini competitions in Toronto and I was the girl Next Door in The Shaggy Video, It Wasn’t Me. I won a pageant for Toronto for Venus Swimwear and went down to Florida to compete in the nationals.

What was the experience like when you first started? Was it difficult to book jobs? How did it eventaully all come together?

No I was booking a lot of music videos in Canada and was getting flown to other destinations to shoot music videos. When you are competing in swimsuit competitions and you lose, it’s hard on the ego, but you get back up and keep going. I just kept on pursing my dream and realized that I could only go so far in the industry in Canada.

If you were to compare yourself to any model, who would it be?

I’m more of an Enigma. I really can’t compare myself. Which is a good thing. I am Producing/Hosting/Acting. My journey has been like no other. That’s what my lawyer said oh and my MOM :) he he

Who has been your favorite artist to work with?

I would have to say Russel Brand. He is so funny and down to earth. He creates his own scenes and to see someone that free is great. He doesn’t think. He performs and is present.

What’s been your favorite shoot since you’ve started modeling?

Location wise I would have to say Jamaica. We stayed at four different resorts. We had chefs flown in, MMA Fighters so forth. Was def. a dream. In terms of magazines, I would have to say J’adore Magazine. They depict ethnic women in a positive light and I’m very proud of them for that. We definitely need more of that in today’s society.

How about your worst modeling gig?

Ummm.. Trying to get me to jump out of a cake for a kids Bar Mitzvah… really!?! lol

Are you willing to try anything in terms of modeling? Say a photographer wanted to shoot a real bear chasing you but the bear was real friendly and de-clawed but still had its teeth.

Sure. I like big furry creatures. Anything for modeling. Never done nudity and now I will only shoot for magazines that are classy yet sexy.

How do you keep in shape? A regular workout or do you like to mix it up?

I worked out at the wonderful Equinox Century City. Love my gym. I take a million different classes from Yoga to Boxing to Pilates.. I also like to run on the beach.

Do you even lift? (For reference)

I love that video. That was so funny. It’s interesting how some people handled such a negative comment and turned it into a challenge/positive – rather than wanting to start a fight.

Yes I lift a little but I like having chicken arms. I’m a girl!

What’s the fastest way to your heart? Is it food? Can it be food?

YES I LOVE FOOD. I am in a school called EATZLA where I get to make 7 different gourmet dishes a night and drink as well. Hehe. I love Morton’s of Chicago, Koi, Osteria Mozza and Hooters! Yes, for the chicken wings!!

If a guy were to ask you out, how should he do it? Please let it be “act real awkward.”

I love surprises. I love a guy that is romantic and yes I love a guy that is a bit awkward or nervous the cute shy type.

Speaking of guys, do you have a typical guy you’re attracted to or can even, I’m just throwing this out there, the palest blogger living in his mom’s basement have a chance as long as he’s extremely charming?

Nope the palest blogger living at moms’ doesn’t have a chance not going to lie. I want someone that I can learn from. Someone that I feel amazing with and want to spend every moment with. Ambitious, sexy, driven, successful, confident. I like a guy that shows me a lot of attention and wants to give US his all.

Worst/most awkward date?

The date started off with a Groupon Coupon, then he said, “Whoever runs to the meter first doesn’t have to pay for parking.” Then the movies where he tried to steal a bag of empty popcorn so he could get a free refill. And no I”m not kidding.

Favorite after hours food: Poutine, Danger Dogs or Carne Asada Fries?


Do you have any projects coming up in the near future?

A series I co-produced/hosted is being edited as we speak. It is called, “SuperModelShowdown, The Beauty Within 2013.” It is a 8 episode series that is produced in Congo Bongo Costa Rica. It’s America’s Next FHM Model meets Survivor. I am the host/co-producer. I am also creating another series entitled, “Cooking with Celebs,” at EATZ LA Culinary School. It’s about fans teaming up with their fav celeb, drinking, cooking and creating some amazing dishes and challenges. The proceeds go to a charity of their choice. I will be on the Cover of a New Magazine entitled, “SEXEE.” It is dedicated to positive, successful, classy women in the industry. I’m also attached to play roles in Soul Eater and Crimson and Saints.

How can fans keep in touch with you?

Twitter or IMDB

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