Nick Lachey Tells Us What We Already Know

Nick Lachey did an interview with Details where he confirmed what we already knew. That Kim Kardashian is an opportunistic fame whore whose entire career was the result of a very well orchestrated plan which all began with Nick. Though he doesn’t quite admit that he was the one to release hell on earth.

DETAILS: In Kardashian Konfidential, Kim traces her fame to a date with you in 2006 that showed up in the tabloids the next day. Can we blame you for her ubiquity?
Nick Lachey: That’s one way to interpret it. Let’s just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside. [Laughs] There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well.

At this point Nick Lachey is already stating the obvious and clearly there’s no shame in Kim Kardashian’s game. A small part of him might even be jealous that Kim turned her family into a million dollar empire while Nick had to sit around listening to Jessica Simpson fart all day and wonder if she was eating chicken or tuna.

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Righty O
Righty O
8 years ago

What? That recycling tampons requires “swishing”?

Righty O
Righty O
8 years ago

He’s no better.

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