Nicole Eggert Down, I Repeat, Nicole Eggert Down

Whoever thought training washed up celebrities to high dive would be easy was mistaken. Turns out they’re all as brittle as a 90-year-old with osteoporosis.

Following a back injury for Katherine Webb, a mental break for Kendra Wilkinson, a fractured heel for Chuy Bravo and a ruptured eardrum for Rory Bushfield (who?), comes disheartening news that Baywatch’s Nicole Eggert may also be injured following a failed high-dive which saw her back-flopping into the pool.

Sources say she was trying a dive that included multiple back flips but something went wrong and she hit the water back first. In hindsight, that’s a no duh outcome. Nicole Eggert is 41 so I don’t know what the hell they were thinking. The only reason she can even do one back flip is because of gravity.

Anyway, no bones were broken but on-site EMTs rushed her out of the pool and sent her to the hospital. Doctors monitored her kidneys for a few hours and then released her.

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8 years ago

If she had done a belly flop her implants would have exploded.

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