Rob Kardashian’s Socks are Not Selling

To everyone’s surprise, Rob Kardashian’s $30 designer socks aren’t selling as well as they hoped and are about to be dumped by Neiman Marcus.

“Rob’s socks sold around the Christmas holiday, but since then no one has been really buying them,” a source at the Neiman Marcus store in Beverly Hills said.

“We actually had to ship a bunch out to other stores because they weren’t moving at all. To be honest, a lot of customers bought them more as a gag gift. At this point it doesn’t look like we’re going order anymore.” Radar

I’m no sock connoisseur but I have a couple theories as to why these aren’t hot ticket items.

1) They’re $30 dollar socks
Socks go on your feet. No one looks at your feet. It’s like wearing a $30 pair of underwear. Unless you’re a chick, no one cares.

2) They’re so ugly
In the event someone does look at your feet, they’ll see one of those things up top on it. The patterns can best be described as early 90’s vomit. The typical reaction to these socks would be an uncontrollable desire to punch the wearer in the face.

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8 years ago

I make sock monkeys out of socks with crazy patterns…these would be perfect.
Would I wear these socks on my feet? Never.

8 years ago

They’re 40% at NM in Short Hills, NJ. Don’t rush out — they’ll be there for quite a while.

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