Ryan Gosling Will Hurt You If You Call Eva Mendes ‘Baby’

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, in New York for the premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines, were at the Bowery Hotel on Friday when a fashion photographer who recently shot Eva went up to her and shouted, “Hey, baby!”

Turns out you don’t want to say that to Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend when Ryan Gosling is around. Not knowing that the photog had just shot her, Ryan went up to his face and said, “Who are you calling baby?”

That was probably a rhetorical question because it was pretty obvious who he was calling “baby.” It was Ryan Gosling. He’s so dreamy.

Eva jumped in and calmed everyone down “before it came to fisticuffs.” What is this, 1950? Ryan and the guy eventually made nice and shook hands.

Gosh, what was this guy thinking. You don’t greet Ryan’s girlfriend with a, “Hey, baby!” The correct way to greet her would be with a, “Hey, girl!”

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