Throw It Up, Throw It Up, Watch It Fall Out

Rihanna hit up Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club early Sunday morning where she made it rain eight grand on several dancers’ asses. According to TMZ, Rihanna went to check out how the girls move to her music. Probably to copy some of the movement for her performances. She stayed there for 2.5 hours. Katy Perry even showed up later.

Even if I was rich like Rihanna, I’d be way to cheap to do this. The only thing running through my head seeing all those ones fly out was, “There’s a Spicy McChicken, there’s a Spicy McChicken, there’s another Spicy McChicken…”

And even if someone was able to convince me to do this, I’d be over there five seconds later trying to scoop back all the money while screaming, “I’ve made a terrible mistake!”

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