Tom Cruise Needs a Personal Heater Guy

A few days ago, Tom Cruise spent 90 minutes outside a theater in Dublin at the Oblivion premiere greeting fans (that’s actually amazing and way too nice). To make sure he didn’t get cold while he chatted with people, Tom’s team had a guy follow him around with a portable heater. Now, because of Reddit, the portable heater guy is internet famous and almost a meme.

There was even an AMA request for the guy. Unfortunately, a person claiming to know portable heater guy, whose name is purportedly Rob, says he doesn’t want to do it because he’d lose his job. Being a personal portable heater holder must be a lucrative business.

Regardless, the heater didn’t work that well. Tom was seen blowing his nose due to freezing his ass off after he was done greeting everyone. You had one job, Rob. One job!

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