Tyrese Goes HAM on Fat People

I’ve always wanted to use HAM and I finally get to use it in a fat people bashing story. The stars are aligning today! Tyrese Gibson talked to AllHipHop (via HuffPo) about his self-directed and narrated documentary, A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete, and about why fat people are so fat.

AHH: What kind of responsibility do you feel as an entertainer, you have to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles?

Tyrese: No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple.

When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don’t look at what you did to yourself. That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as hell because you have earned that sh*t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as hell.

If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it. Excuses sound best to the people that’s making them up.

While this does sound harsh, there is some truth to this. 90% of fat people are fat because they’re committed to stuffing their faces. So look in the mirror fatty. Look at your work. Let the shame fill your little piggy heart is what Tyrese is saying.

This isn’t just Tyrese going off on fat people either. He’s had experience with this. In 2009, he told Men’s Health how he had put on 50 pounds and struggled with body image until he finally did something about it.

“How lucky is it that mirrors steam up after a hot shower?” Tyrese Gibson asks. “I didn’t have to look at what I’d done to myself.” And every morning for a year, he didn’t look.

What made him decide to lose weight? I’d like to believe one day the mirror didn’t fog up, he saw himself, fell to his knees causing a variety of crumbs to explode out his folds and then tried to eat his tears as he lay there weeping.

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