Fertilizer Plant in Waco Explodes With Video

A fertilizer plant exploded in Waco, Texas yesterday setting several homes on fire and trapping residents in a nearby retirement home. Rough estimates have the death toll at 60 – 70 people.

The explosion could be felt all the way in Dallas. News outlets have described the area as looking like a war zone.

Erick Perez, 21, of West, was playing basketball at a nearby school when the fire started. He and his friends thought nothing of it at first, but about a half hour later, the smoke changed color. The blast threw him, his nephew and others to the ground, and showered the area with hot embers, shrapnel and debris.

“The explosion was like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” Perez said. “This town is hurt really bad.”

Someone even managed to capture footage of the explosion.

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