Was That Really Morgan Freeman on Reddit?

Morgan Freeman was on Reddit yesterday doing an AMA for his new movie Oblivion but something wasn’t right. At least according to a few people. Despite posting proof that it was really him answering user questions, there was a large contingent that believed it was merely a pr person based on a few of the answers. A plant. A charade worse than the Woody Harrelson Rampart incident.

One user claimed the proof it wasn’t Freeman was in one of his answers. When asked if he wasn’t an actor, what career would he have gone into, Freeman answered he’d probably be a chauffeur. They pointed to an interview from Inside the Actors Studio where Freeman was asked the same question and answered he would have been a writer. Then again, maybe he was joking about his role in Driving Miss Daisy. Jokes don’t translate too well over the interwebs.

Others simply believed those people put Morgan Freeman on too high of a pedestal and couldn’t deal with the disappointment that he was just as boring as us which could be the simplest explanation. Especially considering he’s 70 and probably not as used to typing on that magic box like we are. There’s a chance he still thinks the internet is made up of tubes like those old pneumatic messaging systems. “This is amazing!,” he probably said to himself as he tried to stuff a handwritten message into his DVD drive.

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