Arianny Celeste Talks MMA, Playboy, Modeling and More

For the people that don’t know who Arianny Celeste is, she broke onto the scene in 2006 when she debuted as a ring girl for UFC. When UFC became more mainstream, Arianny ended up being the most well-known ring girl in sports. Some may even call her iconic while others aren’t allowed to call her at all because of those pesky restraining orders. Aside from strutting along the side of the cage at a UFC event, you can see her in the pages of Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated and more.

Luckily, Arianny found time to answer a few questions. I realize the questions are a little schizophrenic, but in my defense, all the blood was rushing out of my head.

How did you first get into this UFC ring girl thing?
I was paying my way through college modeling on the side and got the call to audition to be a UFC octagon girl. From there it just took off and I’ve been enjoying the ride ever since!

Sure there was Rachelle Leah, but I sort of see you as the MMA ring girl pioneer. Have you ever felt like Lewis and Clark leading other ring girls to glory?
Yes, I do. I feel like I’ve turned a fun job into a career. I’m very business savvy . I have my mom to thank for that. She took care of me the first 3 years of my life all alone balancing a 9-5 and nursing school. She is my hero.

When Brittney Palmer came over from WEC and joined you, the UFC felt complete. Like when Voltron forms. Did you feel the same way?
Yes, it’s the perfect combo – brunette/blonde.

When you first started out, did you ever get nervous that you would trip and fall off the octagon? Has that ever come close to happening?
I was so nervous that Dana White actually came octagon side and told me to slow down and relax. I’m a naturally shy person so I was completely out of my element.

If you were a MMA fighter, what would your nickname be? Arianny “The Kitten Smasher” Celeste sounds like it would instill a lot of fear in people.
The Silent Killer because I wait for perfect moment to kill. ;)

Has blood ever splattered on you while sitting cage side?
It’s gotten close and I have gotten grossed out so many times!!

Sort of related: Did you see Jon Jones’ toe?
Yeah, it was insane! But not as crazy as when Frank Mir broke Nogueiras arm.

You’ve seen tons of fights. Which fight stood out to you as a classic?
Forest Griffin vs Stephan Bonner. It was one of the bloodiest classic fights ever. The list goes on!

Knees to the head of a downed opponent. Should we be lobbying for this rule change?
No, there’s rules and regulations for a reason and UFC has to keep the guys safe.

True or false: Pride never die?
True. (ed. note: Swoon)

You’ve been in Maxim, FHM, SI, etc, but what made you decide to go full nude for Playboy?
I was at a very liberating time in my life. I was becoming a woman and I felt completely comfortable in my own skin for the first time. I love my feature and think it’s very classy. Plus I got the blessing from my mom. :)

You obviously need to be in good shape for your job but do you ever get a chance to pig out? Like, do you ever just go to the buffet and try and stuff as many crab legs and prime rib into your mouth as you can?
I definitely pig out! I’m not a big dieter, but I believe in making healthy food choices and moderation. One of my favorite cheat meals is PIZZA!!

This is my favorite gif of you. That wasn’t a question, but feel free to respond.
Haha yes. It’s awesome!

Do guys go up to you all the time and talk MMA or do they just stand in the distance gawking?
I get both! I like chatting about MMA!

On that note, how can a guy get your attention? I’d confess my love to you over a bullhorn while throwing little confetti hearts at you. Would that work?
No cheesy pick-up lines and no fan boys. Treat me like a lady and make me laugh!

Besides the UFC thing, photo shoots and your strip trivia web series, what else are you up to?
Recreating the Jaco Athletic Wear Women’s Fitness/Lifestyle clothing line (, and creating my own bikini line. I’m also hosting an “Ask Arianny” series for Little do people know, I also hold a degree in Nutrition and Fitness. I’ve been exploring the fitness side of the business more and more and have really been enjoying that.

How can fans keep in touch with you?
My website it the best way! I’m always updating or at Twitter.

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