Barry Floyd Talks ‘The Game’ and Writing

Barry Floyd stars as Tee Tee in the series The Game on BET. The show is a spinoff of Girlfriends and was actually canceled by the CW in 2009 but was picked up again by BET in 2010.

Originally a PA on the show Girlfriends, Barry Floyd was asked to stand in during rehearsal and was noticed by a casting director which is how he ended up on The Game.

This is exactly why I stand around on studio sets. One day, I’m going to be asked to stand in instead of being escorted out. It’s gonna be my big break just like it was with Barry.

For people not familiar with The Game and your character on the show, can you describe both in two sentences or less?
The Game is a sitcom/dramedy that explores the lives and relationships of football players as they deal with the game they play on the field as well as the game of life. My character Tee Tee is the best friend of the team’s quarterback, Malik Wright.

How did you end up on The Game? Did you just fall into it?
I was a production assistant on the show Girlfriends which was created by Mara Brock Akil who also created The Game. I was asked to stand in during a rehearsal for one of the actors who wasn’t there. The casting director of The Game saw me in rehearsal, thought I was funny and asked if I would be interested in auditioning for the part of Tee Tee.

What’s it like for black actors in Hollywood or any minority actors for that matter?
Acting is a tough, competitive business for everyone involved, regardless of race or gender. There are way more actors in Hollywood than there are jobs to go around and more actors come to town every day. It requires a thick skin and a lot of patience.

Does the same hold true for non-acting jobs in the industry? Writers, producers, etc.

Is there a casting couch for men?
Probably. But I don’t know anything about it.

Do you attribute any of what you’ve accomplished to a little bit of luck combined with a lot of hard work?
Yes but mostly hard work. You’re setting yourself up for failure in this business (and most others) if you are relying primarily on luck.

Did you always want to act? What did you study at Temple University?
No I never wanted to act before. I got a degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple and moved to LA to be a screenwriter. I kind of fell in to acting and discovered that I had a passion for it.

You also write for a sketch comedy webseries called Purple Stuff TV. Which do you like more? Acting or writing?
Most people know me as an actor because of The Game but I am able to both act and write on Purple Stuff TV. I love both but, if you put a gun to my head, I guess I would have to say writing since that was my original reason for moving to LA.

Is comedy something you’ve always wanted to do?
No. I’ve just always wanted to write. I never thought to focus on any single category.

Tell us your favorite joke. No pressure. Just kidding. It better be good.
A priest, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk walk in to a bar. The bartender looks at them and says, “What is this a joke?”

Have you ever used the line, “Do you know who I am?”
No. If you have to ask they either don’t know or they know and they don’t care.

You have a choice to work with three actors: Tina Fey, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michael Shannon. Who do you choose?
All of them! I’m not a big enough star yet to turn down a job.

Favorite movie as a kid? Go!
Rocky. The ultimate underdog story.

Bronies (reference). Cool or weirdos?
To each his own. I don’t judge. It’s not for me though.

Do you have anything on your plate apart from The Game and Purple Stuff? Any upcoming projects?
I’ve been doing a lot of voice over work lately. Mostly commercials right now but I’m working my way up to cartoons and video games. Also I’m always auditioning for the next acting job. It never stops and you can’t afford to get too comfortable.

How can fans keep in touch with you?
Twitter: @Barry_Floyd,
Instagram: @Barry_Floyd
Facebook: Barry Floyd

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