Brian Grazer’s Fat Nanny Turned His Kids Into Little Racists

Brian Grazer wants to take away his ex-wife, Gigi’s, nanny-hiring privleges because the last one she hired was a fat, unkempt, swearing racist who turned his kids, aged 9 and 13, into the same.

According to the docs, the manny in question was terribly educated, disrespectful toward Grazer and others, used extremely foul language and was also a racist.

Grazer says the manny resigned a few weeks ago, but Grazer still believes the bad habits have rubbed off on his kids. The legal docs do not give specifics about the offensive things the manny and the kids said.

Grazer now wants a judge to modify his and Gigi’s parenting agreement, giving both parents equal say in who takes care of their kids … and not just nannies either … teachers and coaches too. TMZ

If this is true, Gigi’s interview process seems pretty lax. I assume her only question during the interview is, “Can you stand kids? Because I sure can’t! Hey, can you start now? I have a yoga class in an hour.”

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