Chris Brown and Rihanna Broke Up Because He’s Too Young to be Wife-ing Someone

Rihanna took Chris Brown back after he punched her in the face a zillion times but now they’ve split again because he’s 24 and that’s way to young to be “wife-ing” somebody. He said on the Kyle O & Jackie Show that he’s just trying to have a good time and he “really wants to see as many girls as possible.”

“I actually have three birthday parties scheduled: one in LA, one in Vegas, and one in New York, so we can go ahead and have fun, and I’m just trying to have the best time and basically celebrate with all my fans and all the people that’s in the club and the parties.”

When asked what the best present he could receive would be, Brown said peace of mind, but added: “You know, I’m 24, I’m going to be in Las Vegas, so I really want to see as many girls as possible.”

Kyle Sandilands then asked Brown what his “status” was, and whether he would be partying alone, to which the rapper said: “Yeah, I’m gonna do it solo.”

Brown, who turned 24 on Sunday (May 5), continued: “The way I look at it is… I’m always going to love that person, but people have differences, and people have different wants and needs.”

“At the end of the day she’s a young girl. I can’t really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young… and I’m young too.”

“I just got to step forward and be a man and be the best Chris Brown I can be instead of worrying about whoever else is going to be in my side pocket.”

The good news is Chris Brown probably saved Rihanna from herself and she now has a 98% better chance of not being punched in the face again. Woo hoo?

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