Damn You, Tom Hardy

It’s hard enough to compete with Tom Hardy as it is, he’s like human Viagra for women, but it’s even harder now that he’s fulfilled the dreams of a 23-year-old with cancer. Damn you, Tom Hardy. Damn you to hell. Or to heaven, I guess.

Kayleigh Duff was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, the same type that killed her father when she was eight, and had a few wishes she hoped would come true before she died. Two of them were to get married and to meet Tom Hardy.

The first one happened when her friend organized a wedding photoshoot with model Danny Wisker. The second one happened when she made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning. Hardy’s fiancee’s sister saw her on the show and contacted the show.

Kayleigh, of Wye Green, Herne Bay, said: “I nearly died when I saw him. I was shaking – I just thought we were having a day out in London.

“Tom’s fiancee Charlotte and Katie arranged it all without me knowing and he was so lovely and down to earth.

“We had lunch and tea and scones and he bought me a diamond necklace.”

Way to ruin her for every man she’ll ever meet. “Oh, a friendship bracelet? Well, Tom Hardy gave me a diamond necklace and fulfilled my dying wish.” Thanks, Tom Hardy. Appreciate it.

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