Emma Watson Went Pantsless for W Magazine

Emma Watson covers the June/July issue of magazine pantsless despite stating in the interview she isn’t in a hurry to be an adult or be sexualized. You’re sending me mixed signals, Emma Watson.

In the issue, Watson said she doesn’t want to be viewed as a sex icon. “The allure of being sexy never really held any excitement for me. I’ve never been in a rush to be seen as a woman. I never wanted to grow up too fast. I wanted to wear a sports bra until I was 22!,” she said. Well, whatever fetish she’s into, I can work with it.

Granted, her desire to be non-sexualized clashes with her upcoming appearance in The Bling Ring where she plays a fictionalized Alexis Neiers. Via the IBTimes,

“At one point I told the costume designer, ‘You can see my bra strap on this top; shouldn’t we pin it?’ And she said, ‘No, sweetie—Nicki is all about her bra strap showing.’ I was like, right, okay, different mind-set,” said Watson. “The iconic detail of Nicki is her tramp stamp. It’s a lotus flower, a Buddhist-like symbol just about her butt crack. Really classy!” she said.

Emma Watson is so innocently sweet. I bet if you whispered the word “penis” in in her ear, she’d blush and giggle for a whole 5 minutes. That or she’d punch you in the face, run and call the cops. I guess it really depends on A) how well you know her and B) how you got into her closet.

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7 years ago

She looks like a doll. o_o

The Blemish
7 years ago
Reply to  Yup.

The kind of doll I’d like to play with.

7 years ago
Reply to  The Blemish

and play undress.

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