Lucy Pinder Talks Being a Glamour Model, Licking Faces and Baking

Hey, guys. If you couldn’t tell by the title or the little tags that say “interview,” I interviewed my future girlfriend Lucy Pinder. Of course, she doesn’t know it yet but we’ll get there. Oh, we will.

If you don’t know who Lucy Pinder is, you should be ashamed. Ashamed, I say. Luckily, I’m here to educate you.

Lucy Pinder is one of the most well-known UK Glamour models and who’s appeared both topless (check out a NSFW gallery here) and not-topless in The Sun, The Daily Star, Nuts, FHM, Maxim, et al. She’s also been in tv, commercials, videos and even has an advice column. According to CoEd, she’s the 3rd most popular glamour model in the UK. You can currently see her running through my dreams in the middle of the night.

Here, Lucy takes a few moments to answer some questions we shot over. She’s very effusive.

You’re my favorite glamour model and I’ve always wondered, has anyone ever told you you have an amazing pair of… eyes?
I bet you say that to all the girls ;D You are too kind, I do get quite a few comments about my….. Eyes……

Going back to the beginning. You were discovered on a beach. How did that go? Did a guy just come up to you and say, “Hey, your breasts look fantastic. Would you let me take pictures of them?”
Not quite! I was approached by a professional photographer Lee Earl and his female assistant who was freelancing taking general pictures of people on the beach enjoying the 2003 heat wave we had in the UK. He was very professional and showed me examples of his work in the paper and asked if I would mind being photographed.

I was really reluctant but my best friend Harriet egged me on! He took some snaps of me in the sea, with my bikini on, and said he thought I might do well in the glamour industry and that he’d be in touch if the newspaper liked my pictures. So nothing sleazy. It all sounds a bit odd but he was a genuine guy.

Why did it take you so many years to finally show your breasts in 2007? That seems like a gigantic tease.
Honestly, I never had plans to pursue a career in modeling before I was discovered, so when I started, the idea of topless modeling was quite overwhelming. I remember The Sun newspaper inviting me to come and do a topless shoot for Page 3 but I didn’t feel ready and The Daily Star newspaper wanted to contract me for non topless lingerie modeling so I chose not to do topless in the early stages, which then garnered unexpected attention.

My decision to do topless was purely financial, if I’m being honest, and by then I’d been in the industry for 3 years and thought it felt right to become a fully fledged Page 3 girl, nipples and all!

You run an advice column. What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever gotten? What was your answer?
I remember one where a guy said he had licked a girls cheek on a date in the cinema and wondered why she didn’t want to see him again! I really hope it was a made up one!

Do men hit on you all the time when you’re out or do they just stand there staring and hyperventilating into a bag?
Ha! I don’t get chatted up really, but I think that might have something to do with the fact I’m not really one for attracting attention. More a quiet night-in sort of girl.

That being said, what’s the fastest way to your heart?
Someone who has quiet confidence if that makes sense! A man who is comfortable and sure about who he is is far more attractive than someone trying to be flash or be something that they’re not. Rugged good looks help too, lol!

From the outside, you seem pretty perfect. Tell me why should I date you?
I think I’m the perfect girlfriend….. No joke….. Ha!

I know absolutely nothing about the UK. Is the night life there the same as in, say, LA?
No, it varies massively from town to town. I think from my experience, Americans are far more welcoming. The atmosphere seems more fun and relaxed.

[ed. note: Well, who wouldn’t be welcoming to Lucy Pinder. Amirite?]

Over here we have certain foods that everyone gets after the bars/clubs like ghetto dogs or carne asada fries? Is it the same over there? Is there one thing you look forward to eating after a night out?
My hangover prevention is tea and buttered toast when I get in from a night out. That and lots of water.

You’re in tons of magazines, videos, commercials, sometimes shows. Have you done most of what you’ve wanted to do? Is there something you want to do professionally that you haven’t done?
Gosh, there are loads of things but I’m quite relaxed and realistic about my work so I’m just happy to take it as it comes.

You’re going out with your girlfriends. How long does it take you to get ready? Does the night end with a topless pillow fight? Can you describe it in great detail?
Every girls night ends in a pillow fight …… Right?! I take about 1 hour on hair and make if I’m getting dolled up. I think the reality of us girls getting together to get ready is every man’s nightmare!

[ed. note: I think the the rule is for every girl in the group, add an extra 15 minutes]

How do you stay in shape? Do you have to pamper your breasts? Like, do they get their own spa days where people put cucumbers on your nipples?
Haha! No! Maybe I should try that! I try to stay in shape going to the gym. The gym and doing yoga a couple of times a week. I also recently discovered Jillian Michaels DVDs. They are great for a quick tone up for us girls.

What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?
I’m currently obsessed with baking. My cakes are very good! My family put baking bans on me because I take them homemade cakes so much they’re fearing for their waistlines! I love yoga too.

Have you ever been bullied? If so, are you involved in any anti-bully causes?
I’ve never experienced bad bullying. I think pretty much everyone growing up had people who upset them or teased them. Children can be very cruel to each other, but I never had anything too severe. Modeling as a career we do get a lot of abuse on social media but it doesn’t get to me, it’s best to ignore it. I always think it says more about the sort of people doing it anyway. I don’t think anyone should let the opinions of anyone you don’t respect upset you.

Do you have any upcoming projects you want people to know about?
Lots of exciting things coming up in 2013. Follow my Twitter & website to keep up to date x

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