Justin Bieber ‘Attacked’ in Dubai

Please take a moment of silence. America almost lost one of its greatest treasures in Justin Bieber yesterday. While performing in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, a member of the audience managed to rush on to the stage and hug King Swag himself.

The moment was short-lived as security guards neutralized the threat by tackling him with prejudice while Bieber skipped to the side of the stage towards safety. Sadly, a piano may have been damaged in the scuffle.

Justin was able to finish the song while the kid was being dragged off. He even came back to perform an encore.

This wasn’t the only noteworthy thing to happen during Bieber’s visit to Dubai though. Locals of Dubai were a little pissed that a couple of clubs, People by Crystal and Movida Dubai, made a special exception to let him in even though he was under 21. When Movida Dubai refused to serve him alcohol,┬áhe “surfed” on top of a moving SUV as he left.

And if this thread on Reddit is to be believed, Bieber was almost arrested in Dubai for being a jackass and driving at high speeds. In the end, that didn’t happen, but a Lambo and two other cars he rented were impounded.

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