Justin Bieber Chased Down by Keyshawn Johnson

Former 6’4”, 212 lb NFL star Keyshawn Johnson chased down Justin Bieber over the weekend to yell at him for speeding dangerously but Justin ran away like a scared little b*tch.

Sources say Keyshawn had just left a party with his kid on Sunday in his gated Calabasas community when a Ferrari driven by Justin Bieber zoomed past his him.

Johnson dropped his kid off at his house and chased Bieber down in his Prius. He ended up at Justin’s house, blocked his Ferrari in the driveway wit his car and got out to have a word with Justin. But Justin didn’t have 3 bodyguards to pretend hold him back so he ran into his house and refused to come out. No word on if he pissed his pants a little or a lot.

At least two people called the police on Justin that night and witnesses say Justin looked stoned at the time. Though that’s kind of odd considering I’ve never seen anyone speed high before. Usually driving high consists of going 10 miles below the speed limit making nothing but lefts.

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