Lance Armstrong Asked a Comedienne to Toss His Salad

Comedienne April Macie was on Howard Stern’s Sirius show Monday morning and talked about the time Lance Armstrong asked if she wanted to eat his ass out. Macie said that five or six years ago, she and her friend met Armstrong at a club in LA and went back to his hotel room at Peninsula to party with friends. When Macie went to use the bathroom, she saw her friend eating out Lance Armstrong’s ass. You know, typical sports celebrity stuff.

“I went to use the bathroom, and I went in and Lance was bent over a bathtub and she was just face deep in his a**hole…I was terrified. And then he came out and said: ‘Does your friend want in on a round too?’ and I was like: ‘Of taint tickling? I’m gonna take a pass’..I think it’s hilarious that he would ask without even knowing my first name—to eat his a**hole. Like: ‘Do you want in on a round too? Of **hole eating?…I got pretty for the evening. I didn’t know he was going to ask me to eat his asshole later on.” Examiner

Armstrong probably had on a sh*t-eating grin when he asked her that too.

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10 years ago

That’s a classic gay move (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and he should just come out. Ask Cheryl Crow if she ate any ass…I’ll bet not.

10 years ago

Well……people like what they like. Its not like he FORCED her to eat his a$$. No. He just asked her if she wanted to eat it.

10 years ago

its not gay, whoever designed humans just made the brilliant move to put the male g-spot in there.
i think its ok in a commited relationship if you want to do it but NEVER do it with strangers who picked you up at a bar, the anus is very dangerous in terms of Stds and i dont think she had a condom around her tongue. just think about all the random girls that did that before you.