Lead Singer of As I Lay Dying Tried to Hire a Hitman

Tim Lambesis, lead singer for heavy metal band As I Lay Dying, was arrested in Oceanside, CA on Tuesday after trying to hire a hitman to kill his ex-wife. Police confirmed his plan when he solicited an undercover cop for the job.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said, “The information came to us late last week. We acted quickly on it. I believe that we averted a great tragedy.”

Tim had recently been touring in Asia. His last tweet was, “Goodbye China. I’ll be home in about 15 hours.”

Lambesis’ wife, Meggan, filed divorce papers in September 2012. Wait, Meggan with two g’s? Yikes, no wonder the marriage didn’t work out. Having to write her name with two g’s all the time would piss me off too.

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