Leonardo DiCaprio Isn’t Pulling in Models Anymore

Life & Style via Page Six says Leonardo DiCaprio may be losing his touch with models. It could the end of an era. Finally. Leave some for the rest of us. According to reports, at a party for the Great Gatsby at Cannes, Leo tried to hit on Cara Delevingne and begged her to go back to his hotel room. It didn’t work.

“Leo kept hitting on her at the ‘Great Gatsby’ bash at Cannes,” a source tells the magazine. “He even lunged at her at one point, and she dodged him.”

“He was begging her to go back to his hotel room, but she declined.” Eventually, the source said, Delevingne gave him her number, but we’re not so sure she’s into him.

You hear that, ladies? Even Leonardo DiCaprio will resort to begging. Who’s the pathetic one now?! Oh, still me? Well, whatever. *Kicks can*

Leo seemed to handle the rejection well because he was seen with two different girls at another Cannes party.

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8 years ago

Don’t worry Leo, it happens to the best of us.

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