Lindsay Lohan Cleared for Rehab

Lindsay Lohan wanted to switch to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach from Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY because the latter wouldn’t let her smoke. Much to the chagrin of prosecutors, the judge signed off on it despite prosecutors finding 3 articles condemning the facility.

One said investigators suspended Morningside’s license for being careless with prescription drugs, another said 9 families of patients sued the place for failing to deliver treatment, and a third had a state official calling Morningside a “substantial threat” to the health and safety of the public.

However, Judge Jim Dabney said the paperwork looked in order and the rehab was acceptable. He gave prosecutors a week from Friday to investigate.

According to TMZ, the first thing prosecutors will find is that Morningside has no license to provide rehab treatment. All they’re allowed to do is provide a sober living environment.

This may sound like a big problem, but you must understand, Lindsay has gotten away with almost everything up until this point. I’m surprised prosecutors are even trying anymore. If I were them, I would have held my head in my hands and started crying a long time ago.

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