Reese Witherspoon Is Really Sorry

Reese Witherspoon brought great shame upon her family a couple weeks ago in Atlanta when she had some drinky drink and got snippy with a police officer while he was arresting her husband Jim Toth for DUI. She even vomited out the phrase no real celebrity should ever have to use. “Do you know my name?,” a variation of “Do you know who I am?” She went on to promise the officer that he’d find out who she was and that he’d end up on the national news. He did but not for the reasons she hoped. That incident was probably the second most embarrassing thing Reese has ever done. The first most embarrassing was of course¬†Little Nicky.

After an emergency meeting with her PR team, they decided the best course of action would be to do an interview with Good Morning America and show a lot of contrition. This explains why she was seen wearing a City of Atlanta Police Department hat while she was standing on American ground at LAX yesterday.

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