Rejoice, It’s the ‘Arrested Development’ Trailer

The wait is over. After 7 agonizing years and a lot of death threats to Fox, Arrested Development makes its return on May 27th. This time on Netflix. The trailer, posted Sunday, shows the return of, well, everyone. Michael, Lindsay, Gob, George-Michael, Maeby, Lucille, George Bluth Sr., Tobias and even Annyong, who isn’t in the trailer.

Is it normal for a man to squeal like a little girl? Because that’s what I’m doing right now. It feels like I just blue myself.

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9 years ago

I can’t believe that it has already been seven years since the last season, but this trailer really shows it! My friend in my office at DISH showed me it, and we were stunned George Michael is already in college! This has motivated me to re-watch some previous seasons to refresh my memory on where we last left the kooky Bluth family. Luckily, reruns air all the time, so I’ll have to start recording those right away. Of course, the frequent recordings will surely take up a lot of room on my DVR, but I’m not concerned by it. I’ll… Read more »

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