Richard Branson Lost a Bet, Is Terrifying

You’re probably wondering why Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group, was dressed up as the world’s ugliest flight attendant. He lost a wager he made in 2010. You know how it is. One moment you’re betting AirAsia chief Tony Fernandes that your F1 racing team would beat his and the next you’re serving Fernandes orange juice on a six-hour flight┬ádressed as a living nightmare.

Fernandes gleefully declared after Sunday’s nearly six-hour flight on his budget airline that Branson’s skills as an attendant were “rubbish” and that he was being immediately fired.

“Rubbish” mostly due to the fact Branson purposely spilled orange juice on his lap.

“I wanted to kill him actually” for spilling the juice, the Malaysian told reporters.

“He looked at me, I said, ‘don’t you dare,’ and the next thing I know, he tipped the whole tray on me,” Fernandes added. “He and the girls mopped it up, but I was walking around the flight in my underwear for a while because I didn’t bring another pair of trousers.”

But did Branson at least feel pretty?

He said in brief remarks that he was “glad to have gotten the bet over with and (was) looking forward to getting back into my clothes.”

“I always wanted to be an air hostess, but it looks like I have to get back to normality,” Branson said. The flight helped raise money for an Australian foundation for hospitalized children.

That tingling sensation in your pants? Don’t worry. That’s just your penis shriveling up and dying.

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